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This is not an exhaustive list of all the rules in Formula One, so to save you some time I’ve picked out the ones that you’ll need to be aware of for the 2012 season. But if you are so inclined to want to read all the regulations, check them out here > F1 Regulations

Lower Noses:

This regulation change is certainly the most visible, leading to a severe drop which has been implemented to hopefully avoid the nose entering the cockpit during a collision. Combatting the rise noses have been lowered to 550mm above the reference plane from 625mm.

Blown diffusers:

The FIA have banned them in their entirety, the exhaust that used to direct airflow over the diffuser now has to exit the car vertically. The immediate effect of this is that rear downforce has been lessened, forcing team to hunt for it elsewhere. Also the FIA have closed any loophole that would allow engine mapping to compensate.


Again there will be a single tyre supplier and it will be Pirelli for the next 2 years. But now they have an even shorter lifespan, creating and supplying softer compounds that were seen in 2011 to put even more pressure on pit stop strategy. The markings have also been made clearer.


During the safety car period lapped cars are now able to unlap themselves, this has been done to add to the excitement of the restart as race leaders will now lose the benefit of a backmarker cushion.


Drivers are only permitted to make one move while defending their position while an overtake is being attempted.


Helium was used in wheel guns to speed up tyre changes, as it allows the guns to run at a higher power level, due to expense its use has been banned for 2012. Hence slightly slower pit stop times.

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