Interlagos: Free Practice 2

We’re here at Free Practice 2; and things are a little more serious now. Now is the point in the race weekend where tire choice starts making headway…this time the talk is about super softs.

16:00: And we’re away. Christian Klien is first onto the track. Lucas di Grassi takes his car back from Jerome d’Ambrosio; and it’s clear that his first lap is an emotional one. As a Brazilian native it may come as a shock that he hasn’t raced around here before;  but you can tell how much it means to him “It’s an amazing experience.”

16:05: Nick Heidfeld is the man at the top of the list with a 1:14.367, with Nico Hulkenberg behind with 1:15.828. But minutes in and we’ve already got 12 times on the board.

16:13: Lewis Hamilton is out on the track now and  is quickest after a 1:13.048, followed Robert Kubica (1:13.771), Heidfeld (1:13.806), Schumacher (1:13.818) and Massa (1:13.840).

16:19: Webber hits the top spot with 1:12.569, Vettel makes a leap to 4th with 1:13.342 and Alonso is in 5th with a 1:13.457 lap.

16:23: Vettel doesn’t take that lying down and speeds up posting 1:12.671 to go into second.

16:31: Hamilton is up to third with a 1:12.940.

16:44: With the drivers focusing on longer lap runs; fewer times are being posted. But Massa is keeping the excitement levels up and goes wide at turn one. Button now in 5th (1:13.366) and Alonso drops to sixth (1:13.392).

16:50: Massa has overtaken Button and is now up to fourth with 1:13.168.

16:59: Heidfeld slips in behind Massa with 1:13.222 using the softer option tire. Massa, Webber and Hamilton have followed suit and changed to the option as well.

1702: Massa up to third with a 1:12.578. But that’s all we’ll see from him as he comes to a complete stop at turn 4; a sticky corner for Ferrari as that’s where Alonso stopped in FP1. Webber, still in the lead, sets a faster time of 1:12.072. Button has switched to the option tire now.

1709: Alonso, last of the big guns, is on the options now and is rewarded with 2nd place with 1:12.328. In 3rd is Vettel with 1:12.578, Hamilton (1:12.656) and Massa in 5th with 1:12,677. Button down in 7th with 1:13.206. Vettel sets the fastest time in sector 1, and the fastest overall with 1:11.968.

17:25: No change at the top; but all the cars are out on the track now so lots of traffic to contend with.

17:27: A hint of a twitch from Vettel’s car shows even the best have vulnerabilities.

17:29: Schumacher and Alguersuari come together; the German coming around the Spaniard on the outside then suddenly slows down to force him off the track. Alguersuari loses part of his front end; but the checkered flag falls and no more can be done. Kobayashi feels like joining in with the turn 1 excitement and goes sideways when he slips out from behind a Lotus.

FP 2 results:

1. Sebastian Vettel – 1:11.968

2. Mark Webber – 1:12.072

3. Fernando Alonso – 1:12.328

Read: Full results

See you tomorrow for Saturday practice and qualifying!

Well not before the discussing the biggest rumour making the rounds about the paddock…is Mark Webber going to stay at Red Bull next year? He signed a 1 year extension earlier in the year after Turkey; but with his recent comments making his feeling perfectly clear, will he want to stay? No matter how strong you are mentally; if you aren’t feeling the full force of your teams support it does have a detrimental affect on them.

Drive and passion are things Webber has in spades; but enough to override an obvious imbalance within the team? That’s another matter. With over 10 years between the Aussie and his young German teammate; and Red Bull itself being a young team, they are well within their rights to look to the future. But to the detriment of both the constructors and driver’s champtionship? Let’s hope that Christian Horner has broad shoulders.

Pop over the BBC F1 website with the link below to follow the story as it unfolds…as it undoubtedly it will. Personally I think this might be some more tactics from the Webber camp…

Read: Webber coy over future

Until tomorrow Rookies!


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