Yas Marina: Qualifying

Qualification time! As you’re perfectly aware this is late (and you can reprimand me for it; I deserve it!) as I was off on a jolly; which was somewhat disappointing. Even though I made numerous promises to myself that I would resist temptation and wait until I returned to check it out. I failed big time; stood in a ‘top’ highstreet store, crowded by throngs of frenetic Saturday shoppers I was stunned (mainly by the new pace found by the McLarens, even Button had a strong result). But enough about me…

Mosley at it again:

Max Mosley (former FIA president) has made his feelings clear about Alonso again by stating that if the Ferrari driver were to find the championship; there is no doubt it would devalue the sport, if he won by the points he won through team orders. It’s hard not to see his point; if Alonso wins, the majority of the media will be focusing on that team orders fiasco rather than his achievement.

Bernie Backing Bulls:

The current FIA president has given his blessing to the Red Bulls so they can use team orders without fear of reprisals to beat Alonso; but be a bit more creative. He doesn’t want to see Vettel or Webber switch places overtly; what does he want then? A mysterious engine problem, a slow pit, bad strategy?

Thumbs up for Williams:

Williams have secured funding for the next season; but have not confirmed who will be filling the troubled teams seats. Are they going to be the ones to force Barrichello into retirement?

Aussie Rules:

Even though the Melbourne race issue has yet to be resolved; Qantas has signed a fresh sponsorship deal with the Australian Grand Prix…things must be looking up.


Q1 Results:

1. Fernando Alonso – 1:40.170

2. Nico Rosberg – 1:40.231

3. Sebastian Vettel – 1:40.318

Q2 Results:

1. Sebastian Vettel – 1:39.874

2. Jenson Button – 1:40.014

3. Nico Rosberg – 1:40.060

Q3 Results:

1. Sebastian Vettel – 1:39.395

2. Lewis Hamilton – 1:39.425

3. Fernando Alonso – 1:39.792

Read: Full Qualifying Results

Wow; what a turn out for the books. Last week the big news was that The Hulk was on pole; now this weeks the news is about the Red Bull split. Vettel claims his 10th pole of the season…this is huge news as it makes him the 7th driver in F1 history to claim 10 in one season. Surely a legend in the making if he continues like this. Great for him; bad news for Mark Webber who is in the very disappointing (and possibly disastrous) 5th position on the grid. Unable to make up the time to get ahead of Alonso (who dragged his car around the track); the only plus is that he’s on the clean side. He’s got to get a fantastic start, remain focused and race clean (and finish ahead of Alonso) to keep his title dreams alive. But this is a man made of Aussie Grit and has done everything the hard way. So it may look bad…very bad…but to quote the man himself, ‘it’s not over until the fat lady sings’.

Both McLarens found their feet this weekend; Lewis has been fairly consistent throughout the weekend and it shows with his front row position. Button has struggled; but has ended up with a surprising P4 (position 4). An incident between Massa and Hamilton goes in front of the stewards; Lewis was on a slow lap, doesn’t see Massa (fast lap) on his outside and cuts a corner to avoid a collision. But nothing comes of it; the grid remains as is.

Alonso must be able to let a little smile rest on his lips tonight as he sleeps tonight; he’s ahead of his closest title rival who’s just admitted he couldn’t find the pace. And if the grid reflect the podium tomorrow; it’ll be an Alonso triple, making him the youngest to get the treble (he’s 29 years old – feel inadequate much?).

Kubica failed to get in Q3; but his teammate manages to squeeze through, quite the shock as Petrov has had a shocking season this year. Which begs the questions; why did Kubica fail to get into the top 10? Quite the anomaly; has this shown the grid positions to be  a false reading?


Late rookies!


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