Pepe Jeans, Red Bull and a Christmas Wish

What do you want for Christmas?

If money was no object…what would you go for?

If I had no need for a job it would have to be that golden ticket to follow the F1 season for the year…now who wouldn’t want that? Jetting across the globe, staying in love hotels and walking the pitlane? Sign me up!

But without the presence of a bit of Disney magic (I don’t have a grasshopper or a fairy godmother) to grant me that wish; it’s going to have to be a solo effort. Nor do I have the income to support my habit…yet. But all in good time.

No...not quite yet

All in good time indeed.

By virtuous chance Pepe Jeans (Red Bull sponsor) came across my fledgling blog and gifted me the opportunity to visit Milton Keynes. Say that to a non-F1 fan and you’ll be rewarded with a cockeyed look and a ‘well done?’ if you’re lucky. But to the wise and well-informed Milton Keynes screams Red Bull; whether you support the team or not, you know where they live.

And before I revel in a bit of Red Bull love here’s the link to the competition itself > Enter competition

You’ve got until December 10th to get in with a chance to win one of 10 double tickets. You’ll get a tour of the factory, find out what it’s like to engineer a championship winning car and discover more about the team’s history. It’s not hard; click the link, fill out the fields and you’re done. And who knows, I could be seeing you in London.

I’ve been asked to report on the run-up (which I guess this is) and the day itself. I’ve never done anything like this before, so daunting just about covers it.

What are you supposed to do in this situation?

My first reaction was pure unadulterated joy; I’ve been a fan of Red Bull for quite some time. I’ll put my hands up and admit I snorted with derision when I heard that the energy drink outfit was forming a F1 team. However I soon had to eat my words when I couldn’t help but be taken in by their somewhat ‘spirited’ attitude to the sport. And compared to the self-aware importance of some more established teams; I fell for the newcomers.

Red Bull are from a galaxy far far away...

The excitement takes over; and the reality of the situation I’ve found myself in hits me, I haven’t won. I’ve been invited. And in a moment of sheer self-indulgence I congratulate myself. However as the moment of hedonism fades into darkness I recall that I have to actually put pen to paper, or rather finger to key. A single comical gulp later and I’ve got a blank computer screen laid out in front of me; with no experience and a vague idea, I stare into the literary abyss.

This said; I’ve managed to get the wheels in motion (excuse the pun) and in a couple of weeks I’ll be in the presence of automotive genius. Now would it be presumptuous to leave a few CVs around the place? Focus! I’ve already set myself up a few exercises to get myself fighting fit for the task in hand. It’s just how I work…and despite it being obvious I’m a tad on the apprehensive side, I’m beyond ecstatic!

In a couple of weeks I’m going to be walking around the Red Bull factory…I’m hoping I can take some photos, maybe even see the imitable Thelma on reception? The trophies…the cars…the award, trophy, admiration winning RB6. The list goes on…

Now all I’ve got to do is get my train ticket and the little matter of getting my head around the 6am start that day. If it snows I’m going apoplectic!

Late rookies!


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