T-Minus 12 hours

Not long to go now…this is the time when a lump rises in your throat and you begin to doubt yourself. Did I read that email right? I am completely delusional? Regardless of my mental state I’m still setting my alarm for 04:45am tomorrow!

The only obstacle that stands in my way is the British weather.

It is true, we are obsessed with it. Mainly because our economy seems to be driven by it. Hot? Strip off and head to the nearest patch of grass/sand/beer garden. Cold? Wear three scarves and plead under frozen breath about and ‘Indian Summer’.

Now, if it’s snowing/icy/frosty, it’s a completely different ball game. The country tends to grind to a halt; with our innate desire to get to work (though not to school) we risk life and limb to traverse the arctic wastelands.

So I await; with mother nature deciding whether or not to allow the trains to run. I shall go to sleep with a mantra of defrosting thoughts, not just for me but for the other Red Bull fans and bloggers making the trip. And also the countless commuters I will be sharing the steel capsule with; we have to make it, Brit grit will get us there (there’s no hint of a shortage yet…).

As it stands I can expect a delay, but luckily there’s time in my travel plans to compensate and with the close proximity of my destination to the station. Fingers crossed I’ll get there. Then it’s just a matter of ensuring this isn’t a figment of my imagination…

I shall return (hopefully!) with a plethora of photographs to spam you with!

Later Rookies! (warm thoughts!)


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