F1 Bromances: I Love you, Man


noun \ˈbrō-ˌman(t)s\

: a close nonsexual friendship between men

It’s not exactly hard to see that ‘bromance’ is the combination of ‘brother’ and ‘romance’, and although widely credited with coining the Hollywood buzz word, David Carnie is not exactly sure if he invented the word at all, or even used in in Big Brother Magazine. No not the sorry excuse for light entertainment, but a now defunct skateboard magazine. The term ‘bromance’ therefore has close associations (rightly or wrongly) with sport, extreme sports for that matter and what is more extreme than driving 200 mph towards a chicane sandwiched between two cars. Yes, we’re delving into the somewhat questionable world of Formula One Bromances. It’s certainly not exhaustive, and it’s definitely not insinuating anything. And because of the LA link, we’re going all out on the silly names too…

Felipe Massa and Rob Smedley: Madley/Rolipe

We must hold this pair in high esteem, this is the gold standard of Formula One bromances, this is the bromance we rate all other bromances by. Heartwarming moments caught by FOM cameras and legendary radio calls have made this pairing one of the staple features of a race weekend. Forever retweetable, requotable and rewatchable, Felipe Baby, Well Done Sunshine and Daddy of Turkey are all moments that make you realise this isn’t your average driver/race engineer relationship. And you don’t even have to be part of the tifosi to enjoy it, one man and his mate live on SmedleyFM every Sunday that matters.

Sebastian Vettel and Jenson Button: Sebson

This one has some pretty intense web support, in fact there is a substantial presence on tumblr and twitter (@TeamSebson), that perhaps goes too far on occasions. They will not have babies, they are not secretly doing anything behind the motorhomes and they are most definitely not running off into the sunset together. No there will be no ‘shipping’ here, but there is a lot of evidence to suggest that they have a fun friendship in and around the paddock. Even though JB tends to spend a lot of his time trying to rid Vettel of his most prominent of features. His index finger.

Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso: Webbonso/Mando

A bromance built on mutual respect and admiration, tippy toes and man hugs, ear touching and admiring glances. No this is not exaggeration, but out there plain to see for any photographer lucky to get the shot. Although some still need a touch of context. However it’s an easy friendship off track with compliments flying both ways, Webber had this to say about Alonso’s influence in Spain “He’s being modest because he changed the sport in this country: what he did, no four wheels before him so he did a good job.” Alonso talking last year said, “Mark, however, has surprised us all. He has driven the most consistent of us all, so he currently deserves the title lead.” Can you feel the love? If you need a little more, than check out Webber’s special taxi service, and if this and this is not true bromantic love, then I don’t know what is. (If you want more on these two, then click here…do it).

Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button: Lewson/Hutton

Who can ignore this one. It’s all over the sponsor driven work they do together, a quick perusal of the internet and you can find all the activities the pair get up to when they’re away from the track. They like festivals, fashion and fiddling with cars and driving…if you make it through those without needing to go to the dentist with a mouthful of saccharine damaged teeth then congratulations. We get it guys, you like each other! But cynicism aside, you can’t fail to admire two team mates who seem to genuinely like each other. Although this is not to say they haven’t had their ups and downs, but even when they’re tested the bromance prevails. Take Canada this year, Button never came close to blaming Hamilton, and Hamilton kept away from the press to ensure his team mate got the lion share of the spot light. Keep it up guys.

David Coulthard and everyone

This has been brewing for a long time, and as was recently confirmed, no one is safe from the bromantic advances of the rather handsy David Coulthard. Absolutely no one is safe (if the BBC picks up on it, you know it’s true), and if there is a tee-shirt going free (McLaren, Schumacher, Red Bull…) the canny Scot will find a way to get in it. Few can resist his charms…

Fernando Alonso and Robert Kubica: Ferbert

“When I heard the news I was skiing with Felipe Massa and other friends from the team in Val Gardena and I immediately dashed to the hospital to be at his side. It’s the sort of news you hope you never have to hear.” Fernando Alonso’s reaction upon hearing about Robert Kubica’s accident illustrates exactly the sort of friendship they have. Having known each other for around 15 years, since their formative years in karting it’s easy to understand why they’re so close. This is not to say they haven’t had their fair share of on track dramas, but hey! They can just hug it out afterwards.

Not technically a bromance, but…

Mark Webber and armrests: Armark

Sometimes a video is all you need to explain the love between one man and his armrests. It’s beautiful, confusing, and somewhat bewildering, but not altogether surprising considering this is a man who has a bad relationship with a glass of water.

Jenson Button and cake: J-Cake

“I love cake so.. I’m hoping someones going to give me a cake. Went to dinner last night and the boys sorted me out with a cake, which is nice, then we got another cake at the hotel so I’m already two cakes up hoping for another cake today.” Jenson Button loves the cake.

Fernando Alonso and his hat: Halonso

This year Alonso has acquired quite the fascination with a new type of hat, the Kimi. Instead of the regulation curved peak, he’s branched out to hand with the cool kids with the full flat. Vettel and Ricciardo have also been seen sporting this, but neither have eclipsed the Spaniard. He’s in a league of his own this season, and with it growing with each race if it rains in Brazil he’ll be called in to shield the track.

But you can never have too much love, so who is your favourite Formula One Bromance? We’ve stuck with the present this time but what about your past, present and future bromances, you never know, there might be a second edition on its way…

20 Responses to “F1 Bromances: I Love you, Man”
  1. Hee hee hee, excellent work! I feel I should point out, however, that the most widely used Massa/Smedley portmanteau is Rolipe. 😉

    P.S. Cake.

  2. Hahahah!! Oh my, I think I busted a rib, I laughed so hard at this!

  3. Great one, but I think Seb and Kimi should get a spot, same as Seb and Schumi…

  4. tomtoma2z says:

    nice post, for massa and smedley to stay friends after the incident at hockenheim last year takes some bond
    p.s. for the alonso webber one you could mention the incident at germany where webber gave alonso a lift, would anyone alse do that

  5. Maddie says:

    Surely, although it peaked last year and one of them is now relegated to test driver, Bru-run / Kar-uno/Sendhock/Chan-na* (*delete as required) should be given consideration too?

    • rookief1 says:

      Of course, the pictures of them on the water are pretty sweet. I’m positive there will be room for them on the next one. I like the sound of Karuno 🙂

  6. Lilla My says:

    As much I’m touched with the Alonso comment on Kubica and his crash, there are two things in this statement that make me feel confused and cause me to forget about the most important feeling (=care for Kubica) expressed there… firstly – stereotypically Alonso and Massa shouldn’t be friends, how come they were anywhere together in their free time (as far as I know this accident happened after the Wrooom, so it couldn’t be that event)? And secondly… a Spaniard and a Brazilian going skiing when not forced to? That’s not the most popular sport in their countries is it?

    Back to the point – great blog.
    Tip for the next part: Massa and Schumacher :))

  7. liuzzia says:

    Alonso and Trulli had a Bromance when they drove for Renault. Maybe they still are.


  8. Ok this quote from Schumi is totally Bromance worthy:

    “I will definitely keep my fingers crossed for Sebastian to clinch his second world title here tomorrow.”


    Michael Schumacher you are cutest human being

    • rookief1 says:

      Oh it certainly is, I always see them as the master and the apprentice…scary combination!

      • hahaha is scary combination… but it seem that Michael is at his sweetest when he is with Seb… just cutenest all around…

        BTW funny your tweet about Darth Vader and Vettel I was loling….Wish I was good editing videos so I could do a mash upof it…

  9. Ana says:

    You forgot Sebastian Vettel-Kimi Raikkonen AKA Simi.

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