F1 Bromances: The Sequel

It was made abundantly clear that the Formula One Bromance is alive and well, along with the love for the love. In F1 Bromances: I Love You, Man we first explored the definition…

noun \ˈbrō-ˌman(t)s\

: a close nonsexual friendship between men
…then provided a dubious background and finally peppered the discussion with silly portmanteaux. All in the name of bromance, of course. So here we are on the international day of love, ready to delve into a few more.

Jackie Stewart and François Cevert

Brought into the successful Tyrrell team in the early seventies thanks to a recommendation by Sir Jackie Stewart, the young French driver François Cevert can be considered to have had the potential to have won a championship. Writing in his autobiography, Winning is Not Enough, Stewart explained he ‘effectively became part of our family’. Describing the loss as losing ‘my team-mate, my protégé, my friend, my younger brother’, it is clear that Cevert wasn’t merely a driver Stewart happened to share a team garage with. Despite the aching loss felt by both Jackie and Helen Stewart, the enduring image of that friendship is one of great possibility.

Fernando Alonso and Jarno Trulli

They only spent less than two season racing as team mates for Renault through 2003-2004, but during that time the pair became good friends, something encouraged by their team. Years of intense intra-team rivalries, for instance Senna and Prost at McLaren, Mansell and Piquet at Williams saw teams revel in the fight between team mates. Renault took a slightly different view and allowed a friendship to blossom and more surprisingly success on track. “[Alonso] and I have become really good friends over the past few months. I don’t see him as a rival, but as a partner.” Trulli speaking after Alonso’s accident in the 2003 Brazilian GP. Others could take note…although if the fashion that accompanied them is indicative of what a friendly team mate situation creates, then actually we can live with the hostility.

Rubens Barrichello and Felipe Massa

Often bewilderingly described as ‘squishy’ the Brazilian drivers show a consistent level of love for each other on and off track, for Rubens Barrichello and Felipe Massa their natural obsession of speed takes presidence. Rollercoasters are a shared delight for the pair, both even tackling the Ferrari ride in Abu Dhabi together last year. However, relaxing isn’t necessarily off the agenda as the Brazilians certainly know how to party. But they also know how to take care of each other, Barrichello spent plenty of time with Massa after his accident, taking to Twitter to prove his good health and spirits. Massa conversely called for Barrichello to retire with dignity, leaving others to desire such a long running and respected career.

Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel

The master and the apprentice is the only way to describe this friendship, although some may be forgiven for asking which way around the titles are assigned. Of course Schumacher takes the master role as he has amassed a haul of points, wins and championships that anyone, even young Vettel, will struggle to surpass. Through a combination of various mitigating factors, including an undoubtable talent behind the wheel, Schumacher and Ferrari became an unbeatable force on the track. Now what would the Formula One community fear the most, ah yes, another Schumacher-esque ascent, come forward Vettel. Now Vettel has come of age, they have a little more in common than being German and bloody good at finishing first. Now they team up and win at the Race of Champions, go out for ‘quiet drinks’ that turn into karaoke sessions. “I think after he came I felt much worse as I started mixing [drinks] a little bit, which wasn’t the best strategy,” revealed Vettel.

Not technically a bromance but…

Kimi Räikkönen and ice cream

The Iceman has returned to the Formula One family once again, so it is only fitting that he is included in some form this time around. Perhaps the champion of the bromance with an inanimate object, not armrests or cake, but instead another sweet treat ideally suited to such a cool fellow. Ah yes, the humble ice cream. During a rain stopped Malaysian Grand Prix in 2009, Räikkönen realised that a combination of 14th place and dodgy KERS could only be cured by a Magnum and a Coke, cue a great partnership.
6 Responses to “F1 Bromances: The Sequel”
  1. Massa and Rubbens… Cute, I´m gonna miss Rubbens so much this year. And Schumi and Vettel are really cute together… This video is full of bromance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVFO481_XVI

  2. The sequel! Fantastic, been waiting with baited breath! Ahhhh, the squishy Brazilmance, you gotta love it. Do you have the original of the middle rollercoaster picture? Not seen it before. I honestly think Trulli and Alonso bonded over their horrific fashion sense. All white? HEINOUS!

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