Marina’s Random, Disconnected and Mostly General Thoughts on F1… So Far

This is the second time I’ve hosted an author for the Viva F1 Blog Swap, and this time I have the pleasure of hosting Marina Richardson. It’s a perfect partnership as 2010 was her rookie year and now Marina is here to give you her view on the 2011 season so far (with just a smidgen of ‘Alonso fangirl-ness’ for good measure).

So far, the 2011 Formula 1 season is shaping up to be nearly as interesting and exciting as the 2010 season—my first watching the sport. Maybe its rookie excited-ness talking. Maybe I’m naïve. Maybe I’m an overly emotional American. But I find something entertaining about every race. Last year, I watched the entire season, starting with Bahrain, which is infamous for being boring. Looking back and comparing it to other races I’ve seen, I’ll admit it was not the most interesting race, but it was enough to draw me in and interest me in F1.

I really, really started liking the races when I watched Monaco 2010. That’s also when I started rooting for Fernando Alonso. I didn’t plan on that, but when I found myself (loudly) cheering him on each time he overtook a car out of the tunnel, I just gave in and accepted it. His Monaco drive was the first to involve me that emotionally. Last year, the race for the driver’s championship went back and forth, adding a lot of excitement to the season. This year looks to be less exciting in that department, as Sebastian Vettel has established a firm lead.

And yet, I am still on the edge of my seat for every race.

I look forward to watching the cars leap forward at the start, jostling for position in the first lap. I hope and pray (haha, literally) for my favorites to do well. I cheer for them and jump up and down when they overtake other drivers. And I groan and face-palm when they make mistakes or crash.

As my experience with F1 has grown, I’ve expanded my knowledge of the rules quite a bit, as well as my technical knowledge, and I talk about the races and cars and drivers with my family and F1 friends before, after and sometimes during every race.

This year, I’ve watched as Vettel quickly rose to the top. It looks as if he will claim a second championship. He’s not a perfect driver, however, and others have been able to take the top spot on the podium. While Vettel is super fast and can take off if he has a clear road ahead of him, he has struggled a bit when not starting on the front row.

It will be interesting to see if that pattern continues with him.

It will also be interesting to see what Lewis Hamilton does next. He’s not one of my favorite drivers, but I’ll admit, he’s an exciting one to watch. Whether he’s snatching a victory in China or Germany or smacking into another car or making a bizarre comment, he adds a little unpredictability.

And speaking of unpredictability… Ferrari has been very interesting to watch this year, too. I was unpleasantly surprised at their poor showing earlier in the season, and after a few races, while I was still excited about the sport itself, I was worried it would be a sort of depressing season for an Alonso fan.

Then Monaco rolled around, and my hopes rose again… And crashed back down again in Canada… And came back up again in Valencia (which I was able to watch live during my UK holiday). Alonso’s Silverstone victory was something of a shock to me—but a very nice one, of course. I went around the house wearing my Alonso cap for a few hours after that, earning strange looks from visitors and maybe a few eye rolls from family members.

Our must recent race, Hungary, brought another round of surprises, with an unpredictable (at least for me, haha) Jenson Button win and other interesting things, like Nick Heidfeld’s Renault catching fire. I’m very glad he wasn’t injured in the fire, and I must say, his leap out of the car was quite elegant. And while that was an exciting moment in the race, I honestly hope no more Renaults catch fire this year.

This long break between races, while I’m sure is much needed by the teams and drivers, has left me longing for F1’s return.

Spa couldn’t come soon enough!

I’m ready to switch on the TV and perch on the edge of my seat, surrounded by my family and any other F1 fans I may find. Anyone who cares to fly to the US is welcome to join us. There may also be pizza involved… or chocolate.

I’m ready to cheer for my favorite drivers and laugh at F1’s random funny and odd moments.

I’m ready to wear my Alonso cap again (stop rolling your eyes, people!).

I’m ready for F1 to return!

6 Responses to “Marina’s Random, Disconnected and Mostly General Thoughts on F1… So Far”
  1. jabjamesf40 says:

    Wow, Marina, a great post, and so good to hear from a US Formula 1 fan. I loved it even more being Tifosi, and hope when Formula 1 returns to the US in Austin it does F1 justice for all the American fans, unlike last time. Once again, great work, and Forza Ferrari!

  2. saltire says:

    Don’t you just love Marina’s enthusiasm, it’s infectious 🙂 The racing has been fun this season but even as a Vettel/Alonso fan I am kinda happy when someone else takes the win, I’m not ready for the championship to be decided by Monza. Yay, Spa in 2 weeks, my second favourite race after Canada, can’t wait!

  3. Claire Brodie says:

    Marina I not only looove this swap shop blog; but I also totally agree with you! The sense of excitement you talk of, literally jumping up and down is how I have spent just about every race for the past 9 years! And I can happily say I don’t intend changing anytime soon!!
    I think the ‘eye rolling’ you mention must be a worldwide response to f1 fanatacism 🙂 I have encountered that many a time from friends who think it’s nothing more than noisy cars driving in circles! Although I have gathered a few f1 converts over the years.
    I really do hope your enthusiasm grows more intense over the years and you truly become one of us obsessives lol.
    Love and revs from sunny Scotland x

  4. Adrian Sutil says:

    Marina, oh Marina, how could you betray me like this? When I race, I race for you…and all you want to do is get in Alonso’s pants. My heart is broken now and racing will never be the same again.

    Truly yours,

    Adrian Sutil

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