There and Back – an Infrequent Traveller’s Tale

Here we have Greg Smith (@blagmasterg) detailing the experience of his first grand prix. Monaco. At the invitation of his employers. Keep the green monster in check and read… Those who know me will know there are two fundamental truths to my character.  One is that I absolutely adore motorsport of any kind whatsoever.  Be … Continue reading

Championship favourite still unknown…but why?

Introducing a new regular feature on Rookie F1 from Matthew Turnbull (@MATTfishboxEFC) Not since 1983 has the first five races of a season been won by five different drivers from five different teams and with no clear sign of the leading contender, who is in pole position for the 2012 World championship title. After such … Continue reading

BBC F1 Playlist: Malaysia 2012

A belated return to the BBCF1 2012 Playlist, Malaysia edition. An absolute corker of a race, all you Fernando fans must be pretty happy with that result. But onto the most pressing matter; the music. As The Chain by Fleetwood Mac once again introduce us to the coverage, we are treated to a recap of … Continue reading

BBC F1 Playlist: Australia 2012 Edition

Please give a warm welcome to great new feature on Rookie F1 from @jagolevert. A new year, a new season, and a new regular feature! That’s right, the BBCF1 Playlist is back with a 2012 addition, cataloguing the songs from the award winning F1 coverage into one accessible playlist for your pleasure! Australian GP 2012 … Continue reading

F1 Fan Soapbox

It is hard not to notice that Formula One fans are fairly opinionated people, in fact take a casual glance through the #F1 twitter tag at any time and there are hundreds of heated conversations about new regulations, platypus noses, and even the merits of waking up in the middle of the night to watch … Continue reading

BBC F1 2011: Discography

By: Jo Atkinson (@jagolevert) December for most marks the beginning of Yuletide, a period of festivity and goodwill, where families gather around their Christmas trees or Menorahs (or any other applicable festive items), singing, laughing and basking in the glow of an open fire. This, however, is not the case for all. There are some … Continue reading

Marina’s Random, Disconnected and Mostly General Thoughts on F1… So Far

This is the second time I’ve hosted an author for the Viva F1 Blog Swap, and this time I have the pleasure of hosting Marina Richardson. It’s a perfect partnership as 2010 was her rookie year and now Marina is here to give you her view on the 2011 season so far (with just a … Continue reading

F1 Bloggers Swap Shop: A Testing Question

In order to stave off the heart-wrenching absence of Formula One, I’ve taken part in the Viva F1 swap shop. I’ve written a piece for the guys at Viva F1 and I’m hosting the talents of Joe Ryland, who runs F1 Heaven. So dig in, share it about and enjoy! A Testing Question Almost every … Continue reading

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