F1 Fan Soapbox

It is hard not to notice that Formula One fans are fairly opinionated people, in fact take a casual glance through the #F1 twitter tag at any time and there are hundreds of heated conversations about new regulations, platypus noses, and even the merits of waking up in the middle of the night to watch a race before work. Safe to say there is always something to discuss in Formula One, whether it’s serious or not, us fans are rarely at a loss for words.

So here’s the deal, this is your chance to stand on your soapbox and get your point across. And considering this is Formula One related, a few regulations are required.

  • You’ve got 600 words at your disposal.
  • Take any aspect of Formula One to argue; past, present or future. Serious or not.
  • For your sake and mine, nothing libelous or purposely inflammatory.
  • Use pictures and images if you feel so inclined, but make sure they’re okay to be used and appropriate (Briatore in a thong is never appropriate).
  • It’s your opinion, so be ready to fight for it! Don’t be offend if someone doesn’t agree with you.

The idea here is to give you vocal lot a chance to get whatever irks you off your chest, or perhaps stand up for a team who have been criticised in the media. Either way, good research is a must, you don’t want to be called out on one little fact when you’ve written an absolute blinder.

I’m aiming to have one a week on here on a Wednesday to help us get through the mid-week slump, so don your helmets and get your head down.

Any other questions, contact me on twitter @rookief1 or leave a comment here.

2 Responses to “F1 Fan Soapbox”
  1. LOVE THIS. But Flavio in a thong is always appropriate .. Maybe I could argue this fact ..?

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