Movember: The F1 Edition


(the month formerly known as November)

: is a moustache growing charity event held during November each year that raises funds and awareness for men’s health.

As we skate into the final month of the Formula One season there are more pressing issues than the final two races to consider. More important than the ongoing hoopla surrounding Kimi Raikkonen possibly snaffling Rubens Barrichello’s seat at Williams. Surpassing the David Coulthard instigated rumours of Nico Rosberg usurping Felipe Massa from his Italian home from home. Possibly even overshadowing the race for the championsh… ah we’ve already got that one covered haven’t we? Back to the issue in hand.

Or rather, on face. Yes, facial hair is back in the picture, but this time around it’s not just about who can grow the most disturbing moustache, or who can grow a full beard between practice sessions (which shall be covered). Movember is a chance for men (Mo bros)  to grow a ‘tache and ‘groom, trim and wax their way into the annals of fine moustachery’. And it seems one of the most famous beholders of a ‘tache is partaking in the event, Nigel Mansell and the Mansell Jrs. are ‘taching up this Movember along with several other members of the grid.

Nigel Mansell and his Jrs

The owner of possibly the most famous of all Formula One ‘taches is regrowing his upper lip fuzz for charity this Movember. And for your enjoyment have a perusal of some of his best looks from over the years.

Happy 'tache, pensive 'tache, smug 'tache, angry 'tache, no 'tache

Jenson Button

Blue steel in Abu Dhabi

The British driver packed more than a spare pair of underwear to Abu Dhabi, also tucked away on his hand luggage was a moustache comb ready to primp and preen all weekend long. And it can only be described as a bristly caterpillar at the moment, with just enough of a hint of Mansell to be approved. Just.


Blue Peter would be proud

Who said that only one driver can take part, the whole team is getting behind the mo-vement. There are some spectacular ‘taches on show in this Abu Dhabi  preview, however Sergio Perez and Esteban Gutierrez are a little on the young side to be able to sprout on demand, so an adventure with some stick back plastic was required…


Currently contemplating

Not a Sauber fan? How about Renault for your delectation? According to their captain, their faces are currently under construction and so few pictures have been unearthed. So facial hair fiends, we must wait and hope FOM are feeling the Movember vibe this weekend.


Thumbs up for Movember

Alas, alack the final Virgin joke may be upon us. But before that terrible moment we can please ourselves with a picture of the most Virginal of Virgin rookies sporting a little somethin’ somethin’ up there. Although he could have forgotten to wipe his mouth after a cup of hot chocolate (a must for the temporary desert dweller).

And the rest…

Although they may not have officially outed themselves this weekend, there are a few drivers out there pounding the tarmac that consider every month Movember. And even a couple that came before Movember.

Any excuse for Schumacher

And there are some…

You can't win everything Sebastian

Ah touché...


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