Brazil GP 2012

Super Seven Moments of the Brazilian GP 1. A Worthy Champion There will be arguments about this for months. possibly years to come (Formula One fans have long memories after all) about whether or not Vettel was a worthy champion. Although after such an unpredictable season a new winner wouldn’t have been sniffed at, Vettel … Continue reading


Interlagos: Free Practice 3 & Qualifying

Free Practice 3: Ferrari: Alonso has an unidentified object flapping from his rear wing. It later transpires his DRS is not working, the team replaces the actuator (that part that opens the flap), and Alonso is back out on track. Massa is not having a great time at his home race. Alonso is the first … Continue reading

Interlagos: Free Practice 1 & 2

Free Practice 1 Pirelli have allocated extra sets of developmental tyre to each team to get ready for next year. Ferrari: Lots of flo-vis paint all over Massa’s front wing. Alonso spent time on the pit wall watching the action. Massa goes out with his front wing now covered in sensors to keep an eye … Continue reading

Interlagos: What You Need to Know

Fact File: Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace, Sao Paulo, Brazil Laps 71 Lap Length 4.309km (2.677miles) Race Length 305.909km (190.067miles) First Race 1972 Fastest Lap 1:11.473 JP Montoya (Williams 2004) 2010 Winner S Vettel (Red Bull) Overview: One of the best for spectators as from the grandstands you can see over half the track, so if … Continue reading

The Season: 2010

The dust has barely set in Abu Dhabi and there’s already talk of the 2011 season. It’s 16 weeks away; but that’s Formula One for you. This is a sport that lives in the future. But allow me this one discretion and I’ll wrap up the past season for you. The past is reserved for nostalgia and … Continue reading

411: Abu Dhabi and beyond

I say beyond as the closest race now (Bahrain) is 118 days away…so it’s would be rather prudent of me to assume that the gossip would cease altogether. In fact we are now about to get the best gossip of the year. We have officially entered the off-season (although I suspect that Red Bull are … Continue reading

411: From Brazil to Abu Dhabi

Right then; what has been occurring since we left Brazil only a few days ago? The Hulk: Oh yes, the rookie certainly made an impression on Brazil! Stealing pole position from the fastest cars on the track; and even managed to give both Alonso and Hamilton food for thought. His calm and poise off the … Continue reading

Interlagos: Race Day

Are we going to be crowning a new World Driver Champion today? Will Alonso make the dash from 5th and win it? Will Webber cling on and push it to Abu Dhabi? Will Vettel slip out of contention? What on earth will Hulkenberg do with his pole position? So many questions! Who ever said F1 was boring? … Continue reading

Interlagos: Qualifying

Qualifying has begun; just a quick run down before we get onto the results… Qualifying Qualifying is split up into three sections (Q1, Q2, Q3), the first two have knock out zones for the bottom 7 drivers. Everyone goes out in Q1 and tries to set their fastest time (in 20 minutes), usually the front-runners … Continue reading

Interlagos: Free Practice 3

Some say Saturday is the most important day of the race weekend as it contains the qualifying session in the afternoon. This is where pole position is decided and this has a massive affect on race day itself; by giving yourself a good position on Sunday can make the difference between hitting the podium and … Continue reading

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