Bahrain Grand Prix 2012: Should Formula One Go?

Risk is an inherent part of motor racing. It’s something that has left an indelible mark upon the past and once that still makes it mark to this very day. The evolution of safety within this category of sport, especially Formula One, has made such far-reaching improvements that they have escaped the paddock into the … Continue reading


Istanbul Park: Race Day

Turkish Delight…or Despair? The Race: So much for this season being considered a banquet, we have been here so many times before the shine might be wearing off the gilded tableware, but it isn’t for the pole sitter or the team that builds the carbon fibre around him. Or a slightly less pessimistic view on … Continue reading

Circuits in Crisis

2011 is gearing up to be one of the most exciting seasons yet. A plethora of new rules, new tyres, new drivers, new parts are all coming together this year and with so many unknowns it’s hard to call a frontrunner this early. Although a safe bet would be Red Bull, no? Or would a … Continue reading

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