British GP 2013: Tyred of it

Qualifying Rosberg Webber Alonso Pole Hamilton  1:29.607 (Mercedes) Laps 52 Weather Dry Safety Car Two Results 1. Rosberg Mercedes 1:32:59.456 2. Webber Red Bull 1:33:00.221 3. Alonso Ferrari 1:33:06.580 Fastest Lap Webber Red Bull 1:33.401 Retirements Vergne Toro Rosso [35] Tyre Vettel Red Bull [41] Gearbox Penalties Rosberg Not reducing speed under yellow flags Reprimand … Continue reading

“Today is about Porsche and Mark Webber”

Outspoken. Tough. Emotional. Number Two Driver. It’s not hard to imagine who’s being described here. For some, Mark Webber is the boy from Down Under done good with a feel good outback to on-track story. For others Mark Webber is the nearly man, moaning and whingeing his way slowly to the front of the grid. … Continue reading

The Rookie Digest: 9 – 12 Part 3

In this third instalment looking at how the 2012 batch of rookies are doing, their first summer break acts as punctuation before they lay rubber down at one of the most historic circuits on the calendar, Spa-Francorchamps. Here Charles Pic’s and Jean-Eric Vergne’s first Formula One visits to Silverstone, Hockenheim, the Hungaroring and the aforementioned … Continue reading

Silverstone GP 2012

Rain, queues, Formula One. Just a typical British Summer days motor racing or course. You would think holding a race in July would guarantee a dry weekend. Not even a monsoon would stop the grandstands filling up, but no matter come race day the clouds parts and the heavens shone bright enough to dry the … Continue reading

Silverstone: Race Report

Call in the Maintainance Men The Race: There was definitely a theme this weekend, one of renewal. Renewal of Silverstone itself with a £28 million makeover of the pit complex, and a revised track layout from the dramatic in 2010 to the switcharoo of the start/finish line. Renewal of the fighting spirit, Fernando Alonso’s win … Continue reading

Silverstone: Free Practice 3 & Qualifying

Free Practice 3: Ferrari: Despite limited running Alonso puts in some decent laps and spends some time leading the pack before the rain, then concretes his position before being usurped by Vettel. Force India: Yet another practice session where di Resta goes faster than Sutil. Hispania: Liuzzi is out early and goes for a small … Continue reading

Silverstone: Free Practice 1 & 2

Free Practice 1 Ferrari: They’ve brought a upgraded rear wing with them. Alonso spins on the Vale chicane, a snap of oversteer mid corner spins him just off track. Massa not happy with his set up as they alter the rear suspension, suggesting he’s unhappy with the rear performance. Force India: Hulkenberg is in for … Continue reading

Silverstone: What You Need to Know

Fact File: Silverstone, Britain, United Kingdom Laps 52 Lap Length 5.891 km (3.660 miles) Race Length 306.227 km (190.281 miles) First Race 1950 Fastest Lap F Alonso 1:30.874 (Ferrari, 2010) 2010 Winner Mark Webber (Red Bull) Layout and Approach: The drivers have already tested the waters of this new layout in 2010, but this year … Continue reading

Circuits in Crisis

2011 is gearing up to be one of the most exciting seasons yet. A plethora of new rules, new tyres, new drivers, new parts are all coming together this year and with so many unknowns it’s hard to call a frontrunner this early. Although a safe bet would be Red Bull, no? Or would a … Continue reading

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